Strawberry and Lemon Tart

Strawberry and Lemon Tart

I just adore photos of food, both raw and prepared dishes, and find them very pleasing to the eye.  A couple of years ago I plunged into my own photography and food styling of both raw ingredients and prepared dishes.  This forum has allowed me to share these with you.   I hope you enjoy them!

As a chef, presentation and the “look” of the dish being prepared is just so crucial for the experience of the customer.  I believe this holds true when you’re cooking for your family too.  With little effort this can be accomplished and I will show you how.  If I can prepare a dish that is gorgeous and able to get the ooooo’s & ahhhh’s before the plate hits the table and then quickly transitions into positive conversation talking about what they see, smell, and hear (in some cases), I am a step ahead in already creating that “experience”.  That mediterranean chicken dish with fresh tomatoes, olives, extra virgin olive oil and spicy greens that I served with a circle of friends one delightful summer evening, I guarantee that a photo or food will trigger that “experience” again with my friends where it will come up in conversation of how nice it was.  That is what I love about food… creates EXPERIENCES!

This translate in photos too.  Yes, it’s more difficult because the person relies solely on their sense of sight versus their other senses which is the difference between an “okay” photo and an “incredible” photo.  The “incredible” photo will create an emotion or trigger a memory/experience. If you are able to achieve this it’s magic!  I love the challenge!



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