Sparrow Lane Vinegars

These vinegars are so very nice and not overly sharp.  You can taste the craftsmanship within these vinegars.  Can you just get nice vinegars at your local gourmet market, of course you can.  Just don’t get them at you mass grocery.  This vinegar is for the person who is really into cooking and want to try something different, that’s all. 


Sparrow Lane 


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Sparrow Lane was started in January of 1998 by, Phil and Denise Toohey. Sparrow Lane was born as a natural progression of their many years in the food and wine industry. Denise has owned the Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company Cafe for 19 years with two locations in the Napa Valley and Phil has owned both Straus Merlot and Sparrow Lane Zinfandel wine labels.

What Napa Valley is all about is fresh food and fine dining. The caliber of home cooking is raised to the highest level and the need for leading edge ingredients both fresh and natural is in demand.” Sparrow Lane was created as a result of the Napa Valley chefs demand for choice with wine vinegar. Great vinegar starts with great wine. Napa Valley as a world class growing region for grapes is recognized the world around as being California’s premier growing region. It only made sense that we found our company close to such a great source of grape and wine.


“Vinegar is the natural progression of the wine production cycle. Given enough time all great wines want to go to the vinegar state. I would like to think that Sparrow Lane Wine Vinegars are what all great wines aspire to be.”

Phil Toohey

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