She’s Stronger Then I

It’s very apparent, that she is definitely stronger then me.  She always has been.  I should be able to muster-up a good front, and I do.  But, at the end of the day, after everyday, she is the rock who always comforts me, which it should be the other way around.  

Tonight, I woke at 2:06 a.m. in the morning swearing that I am feeling those poisonous chemo drugs are starting to flow through-out my body.  Like, I could actually feel the cold sensation run from my head down to my toes.  But, when I realized it was just a bad dream and I glance to my right, I realized my rock was sleeping so comfortably, so deeply, without a hence of reservation.  

How in the hell did we get here, I thought.  Especially in such a short period of time. But, there’s no sense going down that road.  Staying present is where I need to be and stay.  Katie and I have a long history of fighting through life.  And, this is yet another blip in our life radar, that’s all…and, I know that.  But, I also know, no matter how much I fake it, my rock will always be stronger then me.  


October 19th, 2017 (5 days before chemo starts) 

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I am simply a guy who loves the journey food takes us. I just happen to do it for a living. I write about my experiences with food as it surrounds all of us daily.

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