Settling Into this cancer conquering thing….  

Usually, for me, “settling-in” is a negative word.  For me, it means routine, the same, over-and-over, and finally boring.  I’m a guy who likes change. I need to push towards new things with just about everything.  However, in this case (cancer conquering), I’ve never been so excited to finally settle-in.  Meaning, Katie and I have moved to the next phase…the execution phase.  This seems almost easy after spending 2.5 months researching and getting focused on trying to develop this plan of eliminating cancer from Katie’s body.  

Sure, it would have been a lot easier to see the first Doctor and say “we’ll do whatever you want, just fix me.”  And, put all our trust into that person with hopes we get the results that we’re looking for.  But, Katie and I do it the harder way, the right way for us, and question everything.  So, we’re just excited to finally have a plan. 

Now that we have a plan and working towards executing that plan, It’s almost as though we have a bit of normalcy back to our life.  We are setting-in, dare I say.  Man, is that just a nice feeling that I’m amazed I’m even muttering those words.  

It’s all about execution now for us.  We just know/believe, if we stick to this plan, we will be successful on the other side.  Not that the plan is easy…it’s not.  But, we know to stick with it, day-by-day. That’s all we can do.  

Poof…another day goes by.  Let the “setting-in” begin…

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