On My Way

One of my goals this year was to focus on my own health. During my 30s, my focus was on my career and young family, not on myself.  It’s actually silly because I know exactly what I need to do and how to eat to be healthy, but I guess it was just easier to do nothing about it.   It is difficult to say but, at my heaviest, I weighed 252 lb. (pictured below). This is reality. 

Like many, I was out of control when it came to consuming processed sugar.  Over the years, I found myself craving more of it.  I could never get enough.  The sugar buzz was what my body ran on to get me through most days.  It happened very gradually, and my body was telling me I needed more and more to function.  It was all about convenience for me.  I was always so busy taking care of everything else that I never gave myself enough attention.  My body was constantly craving sugar — that was the norm for me — so my body just didn’t know any different.  Sure, I would eat healthy food throughout the day, but I never cut out the sugar, and it was literally dragging me down.   I didn’t realize the degree to which this was happening until I just stopped eating it one day.  My body felt so horrible. It bucked and kicked for two days.  After those two days and continuing to replenish my body with healthy, whole, real food, my body felt amazing in such a short period of time.  Over all these years, I had forgotten what “great” felt like.  Cutting out processed sugar and experiencing this feeling was all I needed to move forward on my journey to a healthy me. 

This particular picture was taken on a day that was supposed to be filled with joy and family: Thanksgiving.  However, it was a day that I just did not feel well at all.  I remember eating a great traditional Thanksgiving meal that I prepared. After shoveling it in, I found myself spending the rest of the time in the bathroom.  I believe it had to do with acid reflux and all those resulting symptoms when you load your body with unhealthy foods and don’t exercise the way you should, sadly.  You can see it on my face.  

IMG_6601I am now determined to take charge of my own health because I know I can give so much more to my career and the people I love.   Sure, now I’ve figured this out!  It has been a journey that started in March of 2013.  I wanted to share my weight loss and health experience.  What better way to do this than to put it on the internet for the world to see?  Not quite sure of that decision yet, but I refuse to look back.  My goal is truly to get to a healthy weight.   I’m thinking that’s going to be around 200 lbs.  We will see. 

I welcome you to follow my progress (front page) by checking out the different foods I’m eating and exercising to lose the weight.  Go to my update Post, 5 More Pounds, Gone! You can also follow my progress through my Blog, Facebook, and Twitter… so join me. 

Cheers to good health! 



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