Market Hall Foods, Pantry Items

Market Hall Foods has such a nice collection of a variety of items for your pantry.  From grains, pasta, rices, to jared items.  If you’re looking to stock your pantry to the top level or looking for different items, this will be a great resource for you.  They spend a lot of time looking for products that they are going to carry and sell.  You can certainly rely on your local gourmet market, but this is an nice option to look for different foods you may not have locally.  Explore!




Market Hall Foods
5655 College Ave – Oakland, CA 94618

About Market Hall

exterior.jpgAnyone who lives in the Rockridge area, or has passed through the Rockridge BART station in North Oakland, is sure to notice Market Hall. The developers of Market Hall, siblings Sara, Tony and Peter Wilson, wanted to give the Bay area an alternative to the weekly treks to the supermarket, so they pooled their talents and developed the only European style market place in the Bay area. Recognizable for its unique architectural design as well as the eight individual food and flower shops open to the sidewalk, Market Hall is a bustling cornerstone to the very unique, active, and alluring Rockridge district.

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