Le Village, Mustards

Le Village is a great resource for nice pantry foods.  I use them mostly to get their mustards, but they do have array of other nice items.  I like to purchase the items, like mustard, that you don’t use that often and where it may make sense to ship such items with the expense.  Spend a couple minutes looking at their website.  They carry some fun foods.  





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Americans invariably think of the Mediterranean countries with their picturesque villages and their great culinary heritages when it comes to eating right and living well. Created in 1997, levillage.com pioneered selling gourmet food online to promote rich epicurean traditions and inspire healthy kitchen adventures. Levillage.com is about enhancing lifestyle, and is an ardent challenger of the false belief that spectacular food must be spectacularly priced. 

Our dedication to excellence has earned the trust and loyalty of America’s Food & Wine enthusiasts and sparked flattering editorials in countless luxury magazines including the prestigious Forbes’ “Best of the Web”. Most recently, world-renowned chefs Thomas Keller and Anthony Bourdain, in their respective latest books “Bouchon” and “Les Halles Cookbook”, listed levillage.com among their favorite sources of gourmet food. Levillage.com is also the purveyor of the most famous three-star Michelin in the U.S.  

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