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HonolulufishI rely on Honolulu Fish Company for most of my pacific ocean fish.  Being located in the midwest, I have to rely on shipping most of my fish in. Because of the ability of overnight shipping, it has open the possibilities of receiving GREAT product.  Honolulu Fish Company does things a little different then most sea food company’s.  Instead of buying amounts of seafood and bring them into their warehouse and then try to sell it, they go to select boats/market and purchases what they need to fulfill their orders only.  They then bring back the fish and cut them down for packaging to be shipped immediately.  Resulting in having incredibly fresh fish within two days of when it was caught.  That is amazing!  Cost wise, when you price it out, it’s really not that much more expensive then your local gourmet grocer, but the quality far exceeds what you can get locally.  

Most of the varieties are with Hawaiian names, but they have great guides on their website to familiarize yourself to the fish to your preferences.  You must try the marshmallow white Sea Bass.  It is out of this world incredible. 


Honolulu Fish Company
824 Gulick AvenueHonolulu, HI 96819
Tel: 808.833.1123
Fax: 808.836.1045
Sales: 888.475.6244




The Honolulu Fish Company, which has long been the gourmet fresh fish supplier to noted five-star chefs such as Jean Georges, La Bernardin, Chanterelle and ESCA in New York, Tru in Chicago, the Phoenician Resort in Arizona, and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, just to name a few, rely on the Honolulu Fish Company, for sashimi-grade fish which is FedExed overnight directly from Hawaii.


Founded by Wayne Samiere, a trained marine biologist, the Honolulu Fish Company is committed to promoting responsible fishing practices to help preserve and maintain Pacific waters. Honolulu Fish Company is the only eco-friendly direct distributor in the United States that offers more than 14 species of sashimi grade fish to restaurants around the world. Each fish is chosen with great care, knowledge and sensitivity for preserving the environmental heritage of the world’s most coveted seafood.

Samiere and his dedicated staff combine innovative and modern technology with over 40 years of experience to provide a product that is ready to meet the fast-paced requests of top chefs worldwide. Honolulu Fish Company sells more than 30 varieties of the world’s most coveted Pacific fish species and seafood to more than 2,000 customers. Located just minutes from the docks, the company custom selects packages and prepares its product for delivery within 18-24 hours.

Honolulu Fish Company is committed to the environment and to promoting sustainability in its fishing practices.

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