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Any help promoting my website/blog would be appreciated.  By getting the word out, I hope it finds its way in the “new & noteworthy” category of many.  I made the page as easy as I could for you to share.  Literally a couple copy and paste clicks and away you go.   If you haven’t explored the Website/Blog itself then I’m excited for you to check it out.  Any issues, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at  Also, if I can help you and promoting your related food Blog/Website, I would be happy to work with you.  Give me a shout!  


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If you love eating food or cooking food, check out Chef Darren as he shares his humbled experience with food while translating it to the home kitchen with ideas, tips, and suggestions.   He uses great photos, short videos, and a sense of humor, to get his interesting points across.  

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What this website and blog all about?

  • Passion to cook “Real Food” that is wholesome and looks as great as it tastes.  
  • Wanting to share my humbled experiences with food from a chef perspective, while being a resource for anyone who loves food or cooking. 
  • Creating “moments/experiences” with your cooking and entertaining.
  • Get my recommendations with kitchen  equipment, utensils, books, food, and phone applications. 
  • Learn some of tricks of the trade not only about cooking, but also planning, shopping, healthy food, and entertaining.


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  • @darren_eads A New & Noteworthy Food Blog was just launched. He speaks everything food, in a casual and healthy way. 
  • @darren_eads chef darren is new to the blogging world, but brings a refreshing perspective to anyone who loves food. 
  • @darren_eads This blog is a great resource with everything food and kitchen.You will walk away smarter with this one!

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