Food Related Recommend Apps (iPhone & Android)

10 Great Mobile Food Related Apps I Love and Recommend


Over the years, I have experimented and tried many different food related mobile apps.  These are my favorite and could not live without them.  I think you too will benefit from using these mobile apps.  Please feel free to comment on your experiences using these mobile apps.  I would love to hear from you. 


  •  Epicurious (Free)- This is my favorite mobile app to get ideas for flavor combinations or recipes.  They have the highest quality recipes that are ready for use.  The filters are great with the search to find exactly what you are looking for.  This is on my first page of mobile apps on my phone. 
  •  Veg Out ($2.99)- This is a great mobile app for vegetarians and vegans.  Never again will you need to enter a unknown restaurant wondering if they will have something to fit your needs.  This mobile app is a must if you are vegetarian or a vegan. 
  • Open Table (Free)- This mobile app is a no brainier and so easy to use when you decide to splurge for a dinner out.  Not only will it find the perfect restaurant for you with detailed reviews, but it will also book the reservation for you without the need to speak to a host/hostess.  Even better, it’s integrated within the iPhone which makes it that much easier to use with Siri (personal assistant) 
  • Big Oven (Free)- This is an extremely large data base of recipes.  You will never run out of recipes of ideas with this one.  Very well put together and easy to use.  If you get involved with the menu planning feature, you will need to reach into your pocket for an extra $16 per year subscription.  I don’t use that feature, but may berth checking-out. 
  • Local Eats ($.99)- When traveling, there’s nothing I enjoy more the exploring some of the local eats. I try to stay away from the chain restaurants that Local Eats doesn’t include, happily.  You are able to retrieve contact information along with reading and leaving reviews. This is a must app when you travel 
  • Foodspotting (Free)- FoodSpotting is super well known, but it simply wouldn’t be a food app post if one didn’t include them. Find and share great dishes, not just the restaurants. You can instantly tag your food on Instagram by putting the hashtag #foodspotting on your photo when uploading. 
  • Eat24 (Free)- This mobile app and web-service is all about takeout menus.  When you do order out, you just need to enter your address, select a restaurant, and the take-out menu shows-up.  There is no extra charge to order the 20,000 restaurants in 850+ cities.
  • Evernote Food (Free)- Evernote Food is your personal catalog/rolodex for all your recipes that you get from anywhere.  You can even keep track of where you’ve eaten with descriptions of course.  
  • Whole Foods Market Place (Free) – Whole Foods did an incredible job with this mobile app.  Most of the recipes lean towards the healthy side which is great!  You don’t need to have a Whole Foods market close to utilize this mobile app for recipe ideas.  If you do have a market close you can certainly utilize the shopping list feature.  
  • Healthy Eats, Canyon Ranch($3.99) (for IPad)- The legionary american health spa put together a great app for the IPad.  It has great healthy recipes with equally impressive photos.  They of course touch on the nutrition side too.     It’s worth the $3.99. 


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