Chef’s Garden, Premier Organic Vegetables

I have been using Chef’s Garden for over 15 years now and the taste is incredible!  Now, I’m not saying it is cheap though.  I think you will be quite impressed the first time you receive their box.  You haven’t tasted baby lettuces until you have tasted theirs. 



9009 Huron Avery Road

Huron, OH  44839






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We invite you to try our specialty, heirloom vegetables.

Order just one box OR as many as you would like whenever you like. Two sizes are available – the Couples Heirloom Box or the Family Heirloom Box.

Everybox holds a beautiful sample of the best of the season products! We also have a 6-month Farmer Jones’ CSA subscription available. One box will be delivered to your home once a month for 6 months.

Sign-up for the 6-month subscription and get a 10% discount on the price of your monthly veggie box. Give the gift that shows you care – a Gift Certificate for one of our heirloom vegetable boxes!

And for the foodie…..check out the add-ons we have available. When you order your box of veggies, either the Couples Box or the Family Box, order one of our specialty add-ons – anything from mixed flowers to popcorn shoots! And if you feel like a drive in the country, you can choose to Pick-up your order on a designated day and time. We also have some special boxes of veggies – Farmer Jones´ Pick-Up Specials — that you can order online and are just available for pick-up.


Growing our future from the roots of our past

When this story began — some 40 years ago, not far from the shores of Lake Erie — Bob Jones could be found tinkering with an old John Deere tractor, designing modifications that would increase theefficiency of field production on his family‘s farm.

Every week, Bob and his two sonsLee and Bobby, harvested and packed produce to take to the Cleveland farmers’ markets. They also sold their produce daily from a stand in the front yard of their farm home.

In the 1980s, after a significant loss of crops following a severehailstorm threatened their survival in agricultureLee Jones met achef who was interested in purchasing squash blossoms. As they rebuilt, the family made a decision to focus on the needs of chefs.




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